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Recreational Fishing

Blue catfish are abundant, even in the winter months. You can enjoy a great day of fishing while also doing good for the Chesapeake Bay!

Things to Know Before You Go Fishing

  • Blue catfish cannot be over-fished. They are invasive and harmful to the Chesapeake Bay region - catch as much as you want!

  • Catch and release is discouraged; please remove and kill all blue catfish you catch.

  • Maryland Department of Natural Resources is conducting a research study and tagging blue catfish. If you catch a tagged fish, please throw it back. All other blue catfish you catch should be removed and killed.

  • Fish over 30" in length should not be eaten. Please remove and kill these fish, but do not consume them.

  • Fish under 30" in length are ideal for eating; see our recipe collection for ideas!

Resources & Info for Fishing Blue Catfish

Fish & Hunt Maryland Article

FishTalk Magazine Article

Recreational Fishing

Commercial Fishing

Consumer demand for blue catfish is on the rise. As the market grows, blue catfish represents a great opportunity for watermen and commercial fishermen. Blue catfish is active all year long, including the winter months. 

Commercial Fishing
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